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  • IT Support

    Our IT support service ensures that your systems stay efficient, productive and effective. Choose from a range of support contracts to fit your needs and budget.

    IT Support Service
  • Hosted Desktop

    Hosted desktop can bring new flexibility to access your desktop from anywhere. No matter where you log in, you can still see and use all your software and data.

    Hosted Desktops
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management

    Access details and track every customer and prospect. Know who they are, their history with your business and where you left things last time.

    CRM Software

Cloud computing on desktopWe understand IT support

Technology has never been more important to running a business. As that importance has grown, your choice of IT partner has also become critical. We are an IT support and services company based in North London. Work with us and we'll ensure your company has the hardware, software, services and support it needs to succeed. We help all kinds of companies understand, implement and use technology effectively. We’re ready to talk, but most importantly we like to listen. So to tell us about your business, call us on 0845 230 6670

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Partner connectionIT services partner

Based in North London our IT support team is experienced not only in IT support but a wealth of other IT services.  Over the years Cerulean has helped clients develop reliable IT networks upon which they have implemented business software to help run the business more efficiently. We really believe in the 'partner' bit of 'IT partner'. That means that although we're great at fixing things when they go wrong, we can help with much more than that.

IT support services

Hosted Exchange on the moveHosted Exchange email

Our Hosted Exchange environment is fully managed and in our control. We help businesses by providing a fully redundant Hosted Exchange and mobile email solution whilst removing the administrative burden and capital cost of an internal mail system. You can use our expertise to help you migrate and create a flexible email environment. Email is critical and if you decide to keep your email inhouse we can provide a simple but effective Hosted Exchange failover service.

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IT network in office spaceImpartial network solutions

It is easy to see IT hardware and software simply as a cost to your business. However, it can make a measurable difference to your performance, helping you be more efficient and acquire more customers. When we supply new IT equipment to your business, part of our job is to consider that return on investment. We help you see how IT improves how your business operates, so you appreciate the value of appropriate hardware and software.

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