Customised IT support

We are committed to delivering comprehensive IT support, suited to your needs

Our ongoing IT support offers round the clock maintenance and support to safeguard and monitor your IT systems so any problems are quickly identified and resolved. Fast problem resolution will ensure that your systems experience little to no downtime and your productivity and efficiency increase as a result.
Our IT support also includes regular consulting, budget planning and rapid response if something unexpected happens.


Why you can trust Cerulean

Here at Cerulean we have been working with businesses for many years helping them realise the true value of fully functional IT systems. Our expert team have extensive knowledge, experience relevant qualifications in providing the right IT support and IT consultancy. So whether you are looking for a fully outsourced IT solution or want to supplement your internal IT support team, we can tailor any IT service to suit your business requirements. In doing so, we help create systems and processes that increase productivity, boost efficiency and ensure that you maximise your IT expenditure.

Cerulean believe in offering a client focused service which is practical and cost effective. Many businesses place their trust in us to ensure that they have the best IT infrastructure possible. Our IT solutions and services are specifically tailored to suit your requirements and each project we start is followed through to completion on time and within budget. Our IT support and solutions make a real difference to your business, whether we are assisting a small business or completing a comprehensive reorganisation of an IT system, we don’t take on any work unless we can make a real difference to your business.


Ask more for your IT Equipment

As IT specialists we understand how important it is to have devices and equipment which are reliable and fully operational.

Tablets, mobile devices and computers are all part of your IT infrastructure and through our comprehensive IT support we will manage and monitor each device, completing the necessary updates as required to keep each device safe, secure and functional so you and your staff can work effectively no matter where they are based.


Cloud computing

At Cerulean we provide the widest range of private cloud and public cloud solutions. Whether you are looking for cost effective Office 365 email, secure enterprise file sharing or scalable hosted desktops solution, we provide a fully managed solution that is flexible and secure.


Apps and web solutions with business benefits

From start-ups to established companies, every business benefits by using the right applications to enhance efficiency.

Whether it’s to allocate work to employees or manage customer accounts, we can help you identify and implement effective applications and web solutions that further empower your business.