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Office 365: your office on the move

Office 365 provider in North London and Hertfordshire

Whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise, the Office 365 solution allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Office hosted on the cloud.

Increase efficiency and free up resources. Make use of the most powerful tools provided by Microsoft to improve communications and facilitate collaboration across your workforce.

The Office 365 solution brings together the ever so familiar suite of products with cloud based technologies allowing you and your staff to access email, documents and more from anywhere.


Windows Azure.
The cloud on your terms.

Integrate multiple cloud services including computing, databases, networking, storage and cloud services allowing businesses to achieve their objectives and make cost and efficiency savings.

With a suite of integrated tools and pre built templates, it has never been easier to manage your systems and processes using familiar tools and technologies.

Cloud computing and Windows Azure in London

The enterprise file sharing you were waiting for

Share your files safely and securely with our DocVault solution. Documents, important business data can be sent and received efficiently and effectively ensuring that you stay safe from security threats and avoid data breaches which can have a disastrous impact on your business and your reputation.


Email compliant, discovery and storage all in one solution


Our Mail Vault solution will help you address the growing legislation which relates to email compliance and handling data.


Get immediate and instant access to every email you sent and received from any device retained by Cerulean MailVault.


Unlike other standard email archiving solutions, Cerulean MailVault holds your email in an encrypted and safe environment.


Using instant email archiving means that you can significantly reduce your storage requirements and costs.


MailVault solution allows full archiving of all company email in a central location for ease of access and enhanced security.


MailVault email archiving can reduce the costs of advanced storage requirements and complicated backup system.


Stop spam in its track

Email filtering service powered by Cerulean: SpamVault

A complete spam shield which blocks malware, spam, viruses and other nasties that patrol the internet looking for vulnerabilities in your systems.

Our solutions help you implement robust spam safeguards with a suite of tools to control documents and protect against threats to your IT infrastructure.

Mail filtering service in London and antispam application

Online backup you can trust

Every day your business collects valuable pieces of data. What would happen if you lost sensitive information? Our data vault solution will provide regular backups so you can rest assured that your business data will be secure and safely stored in our comprehensive data backup. Featuring trouble free backups, information backed up in different locations and enhanced security.


Hosted desktops. The easiest way to work.

Stop paying for resources you don’t use
A one stop shop for all the resources you need, stored in the cloud.

No capital expenditure
An affordable solution for your business

Stop worrying about IT maintenance
Never worry about maintaining equipment again. All of the information is on the cloud


Ready for your new hosted server?

Hosted server virtualisation can cut your IT spending and reduce ongoing energy costs. It allows you to offload your in-house physical server into a secure cloud environment saving you energy and management costs. Windows or Linux, we take care of them


Rock steady web hosting for your business

Business web hosting provides the foundations on which your website and online services are built. The right hosting is platform to help your company thrive and grow.
We supply, manage and maintain web hosting that’s tailored to your business. It’ll make life easier and allow you to focus on building your company, safe in the knowledge that your hosting will be there when you need it.


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