The best way to get rid of spam

Email filtering removes spam and viruses before they get to your mailbox

Email filtering service powered by Cerulean: SpamVault

Emails in the wrong hands can cause a range of problems for your business. Implement our SpamVault technology to safeguard your business against spam. A cost effective solution which not only works hard to block viruses and other threats to your business, it can make life a whole lot easier for the IT team.

Realise immediate results with a spamguard without blocking or slowing down your IT operations.


The benefits of strong Spam protection should not be underestimated. Our SpamVault offers;

Easy configuration

Setup takes no time at all and it takes little to no ongoing maintenance.

Proven results with anti spam and anti malware

Complex anti spam monitoring, comprehensive virus protection and stringent content controls will ensure that your emails are protected

Customised to suit your business

Set up as few or as many users as you wish on multiple domains

Take your security to the next level with our SpamVault email monitoring solution;

Ask for a customised quote

Implementing our SpamVault system will stop employees having to sift through multiple spam emails each day, distracting them from their work and increasing productivity as a result.