Desktops that work like clockwork

Collaborate with hosted desktops

Technology plays a pivotal role in any business. As the demands for each business becomes more complex, we understand that your choice of IT partner is therefore crucial. Not only do you need a good IT support company, you need one with strong experience in providing hosted desktops.

With our hosted desktop solution you can easily and quickly access all of your data over the internet. Store all of your data and software on central servers for your convenience and provide the same branding and familiar setup.

Why Hosted Desktops are the ideal solution?

A hosted desktop solution will swap your existing software and systems for a pay as you go service accessed via the internet.

Virtual desktops can offer greater flexibility while reducing costs and you can still use your usual software.

Access your programs and corporate files as you would normally. The only difference is that it is based online rather than on your computer.

Stop paying for resources you don’t use

Our solutions can help you avoid unnecessary costs for services that you don’t use

No capital expenditure

Affordable monthly payment plan which means that there is no upfront capital investment

Stop worrying about IT maintenance

We take care of all your regular maintenance including backups

Protected and Backed Up

Security and routine backups all taken care of so you never have to worry about losing all of your information again.

No extra upgrade costs

Your systems will be monitored carefully and any upgrades completed at no extra cost

Get the power to run all of your software

No limits. No restrictions. Operate your software securely and efficiently.

Access from anywhere

A fast and convenient browser to access your software and data

Changes to suit your company

A fully scalable solution so as your company grows you can add more software to the hosted desktop to accommodate your changing business

How much does it cost?

Here at Cerulean we believe in keeping our costs as low as possible and we aim to offer one of the most competitive hosted desktop services to our clients.

For a full quote tailored to your business, please contact one of our IT experts who can discuss your business needs in more detail.


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