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Practical IT Solutions

From computers to software and servers to screens, buying and installing new IT system can be a tricky process. At Cerulean we will help you to identify your business IT needs to improve your business communications, optimize your costs and keep your data secure. We aren’t tied to any manufacturers, so will always give unbiased advice. We’ll take you through the pros and cons so that you’re fully equipped to make an informed decision of your own.

We provide IT solutions and IT services with unbiased advice, reliable service, considered strategies and most importantly, expert, friendly customer service.

Your most suitable equipment

Well maintained equipment will ensure that you avoid problems. We will carry out all of the necessary software and system upgrades when required and install the latest software and solutions to keep your systems in the best condition. With dedicated support, we will take care of all the important tasks so you don’t have to.


IT security

In today’s culture of ‘always connected’ technology, security of your business data is crucial. Data Security and Network Security should be an integral part of your company’s IT strategy. Network security covers a range of services, but essentially it’s about ensuring your network and internal IT systems meet UK government security standards and keeping your most valuable assets safe.

Our team will implement and closely monitor your security strategy to ensure that any vulnerabilities are addressed. Your security is our number 1 priority.


Reduce IT spend with Server Virtualisation

Server virtualisation can cut your IT spending and reduce ongoing energy costs. It allows you to split a single physical server into several virtual servers, each of which can perform a different function – like running your email system or acting as a central file store.

Today’s servers are extremely powerful, yet often companies only use a fraction of their capabilities. With a virtual server system, you can harness the wasted power and use that one server to do the job of several.


The right Internet connectivity

Not all businesses use the internet in the same way. Some businesses have higher demands than others. We will help you choose the most suitable option for your business. If you need multiple networks to connect branches or departments, we can take care of everything.


Reliable connections

If you need a reliable connection with a guaranteed connection speed why not try our leased line services? Leased lines can connect businesses, departments and offices using a dedicated, reliable and fast connection.

Never have to worry about connectivity or networking issues again. Our team have been expertly trained to diagnose and repair the most complex of technical problem. What’s more, we use the latest in cloud based technology to securely store and share information.


Are you moving office?

Moving office can be a mammoth task, particularly if you rely on IT systems as part of your work. We can help office moves run seamlessly, coordinating the entire process from start to finish.


We help you communicate better

Our team will establish and implement a strong communications system that will address your business requirements in the most effective manner. Whether it is a complex telephone system, an email network or online method of communicating, we can help you keep up with the competition and meet the ever increasing demands on businesses to communicate in several different ways.


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