Super fast, super reliable

What is a leased line?

Leased lines are great for businesses because they establish a connection to the internet or they can be used to link offices together. As a high speed, dedicated connection for your business only, a leased line can significantly improve business connectivity.

Is a leased line the best solution for my business?

Leased lines are suitable for many types of business including those who require;

  • Dedicated connection meaning that you aren’t slowed down when other businesses connect
  • Super speed with a range of speeds available for your convenience, up to 10GB
  • Maximum Uptime – Backed by our service level guarantee
  • Security when you need it – Private lines protect your data
  • Slowdowns eliminated – Receive the same speed in both directions

The cost of a leased line can vary

It will depend on the connection speed, capacity you require and location. It can cost as little as £300 per month with free install (subject to survey)


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