Two can go into one

What does virtualisation offer?

Server virtualisation can bring numerous benefits for your company from reducing costs to improving efficiency. With server virtualisation, business owners can split a single server into multiple virtual servers which can serve several functions.

Today’s servers are extremely powerful, but many businesses aren’t using them to their full potential.

Lower costs
Reduce costs not only hardware spending but also in ongoing utility costs

Easier maintenance
With fewer servers you have less equipment to manage and maintain

Increased reliability
Increase reliability by spreading functions between servers so if one server goes down your business keeps running

App freedom
Making the transition to a virtual server can make a real difference to your business. Each virtual server system that we create is different and designed to meet the requirements of each business.

Why virtualisation?

Virtualisation is a cost effective and practical solution for any business. It can offer the benefits of increased performance without resulting in compromises on performance or connectivity. To learn more about how our virtualisation can help your business, contact Cerulean today.

Virtualisation features

How much does a virtual server system cost?

You will certainly spend less on server hardware when compared to a traditional IT set up. Your software costs may be similar as you still have to purchase the software to run on each virtual server.

We can compile an accurate quote for you, so please contact us to learn more.

As an accredited Microsoft Partner, we can also provide Microsoft Windows Azure installation and management