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With expertise across a range of IT services, we can support your business with network implementation, security and data management as well as bespoke CRM and IT solutions.

We have established some great partnerships with a number of technology companies and fully comply with all of their standards and technical regulations so we can continue to partner with them.


ISO 9001

Cerulean Solutions has BSI certification - ISO 9001 for Quality Management

Cerulean engages in providing fully managed IT solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Cerulean has developed and implemented a quality management system in order to document the company’s best business practices, to better satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers and to improve the overall management of the company.

The quality management system of Cerulean meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Technology has never been more important to running a business and our aim is to help all kinds of companies understand, implement and use technology effectively. We strive to work in a constructive partnership with our clients, treating each of them on an individual basis. We create packages and services that are right for them, with the support, service and attention they need to make the most of their investment.

Please contact us for a copy of our Quality Policy.

We partner with some of the best technology names, and provide amazing innovative products

All the staff are well chosen and well trained. They are all helpful and very good at what they do. This ethos come from the top and filters down. Cerulean consistently deliver IT Support both remotely and on-site so that when assistance is needed, they are there to help.
Cerulean personify the phrase “going the extra mile”.

Mike, Thew Arnott

Having worked with Cerulean for over 10 years now, I have grown to rely on the excellent level of service the team have provided. From the responsive support to the considered approach to development  and “can do” attitude it is refreshing to work with an IT company that is customer centric and that have ultimately delivered whatever I have asked of them over the years.

Matthew, Tate Business Group

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